Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Districts and related authorities have the responsibility to track all chemicals used at designated management areas, manage how pests are treated, manage requests for pest control treatment, and monitor the work of multiple pesticide applicators. It can be challenging and difficult to collaborate effectively.

What PESTlogics can do for you…

    The PESTlogics platform fluidly integrates pest control operations throughout an organization – those with multiple locations can easily aggregate data regardless of geography. Easily share data on success stories and lessons learned.
    Quickly log a request for service and map it! Use the Customer Call menu to record a request for service, map its location, and assign the applicator or treatment plan.
    Create inventory lists for each campus or management area that stores chemical products on site. Track the product, amounts, SDS sheets and locations of all pest control products.
    Automated messages inform you when applicators need to update their pesticide certifications.