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Be ready to quickly respond to requests for information on IPM practices or to meet auditing and reporting requirements.

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Innovative technology to manage on-the-ground, detailed, and sophisticated IPM data to guide better action and decision making.


Innovative Record Keeping

  • Comprehensive approach to documenting ALL IPM task data -- both chemical and nonchemical activities.
  • Manage chemical product and equipment inventories.
  • Track budgets, contracts, permits, and applicator certifications.
  • Map locations of pesticide applications in customized management units.
  • A calendar tracks all completed and planned IPM tasks.
  • Track and report pool chemicals.
  • Track total nitrogen and phosphorous with each fertilizer application.
  • Record weather factors related to pesticide efficacy.

Data Informed IPM

  • PESTlogics builds a history of IPM data -- so that you can recall site-specific historical data in conjunction with infestations and improve IPM operations.
  • Make IPM a true team effort. Connect IPM information across your organization, enabling more strategic decision making.
  • Summarize pesticide usage as it relates to organizational goals and mission.
  • Monitor pest control approaches to evaluate success and get results. The more specific the location, the more useful the data.
  • Quickly review label requirements, particularly where products could be toxic to wildlife and other natural resources.


  • Visually communicate chemical usage and non-chemical approaches using PESTlogics CHARTS tool.
  • Generate monthly and annual reports on pesticide use and IPM practices instantly.
  • Quickly respond to questions about chemical usage and methods used in pesticide applications.
  • Provide applicators with instant access to pesticide labels for proper chemical applications.

Risk Management & Safety

  • Knowing what pesticides were used on any given day provides instant, critical information.
  • Easily communicate planned operations: where, when, and what. Post maps with application details to improve worker safety and awareness.
  • Be inspection-ready for IPM performance audits.
  • Demonstrate transparency in IPM program implementation.
  • Quickly respond to public concern and Right-to-Know requests regarding pesticide use.
  • Protect your organization from potential legal action if accused of improper pesticide or pool chemical use.
  • Monitor product use by types of operations and win the battle to reduce overall pesticide use.

Reliable Support

Personal Technical Support

  • Online Help Desk provides technical support within 24 hours of request.
  • Pesticide Product Database and Inventories give users instant access to pesticide product information.
  • Knowledge Base articles and video training.

Responsive and Secure

Mobile and Secure

  • PESTlogics works seamlessly across device platforms—desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • All users need is a web browser and connection to the Internet; no software to download.
  • Data is secure.
  • No lost database files—there's one database for all records.



Plan includes:

Build Your Team Groups:

Scalable to:

Record Pesticide Use

Create Pesticide Usage Reports

Access Pesticide Database

Create Pesticide Inventories

IPM Performance Charts

Schedule/Print Work Order

Pest Sighting Log

Manage Budgets and Expenditures

Manage WQ Permits

Pool Management

Geospatial Import 

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*Campus: Geographically distinct areas of operation within an organization's structure (e.g., US National Park Service (organization) has 58 national parks (campuses). 



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